Emotional Freedom Technique

What is EFT? Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping is an emotional variety of acupuncture that doesn’t use needles. It’s based on an innovation in therapy that has given relief from emotional issues, pain and diseases for thousands of people from different parts of the world. Emotional Freedom Technique is based on the same principles of acupuncture. It uses the main meridian points that are important to the subtle energy system of the body to release emotional, physical, spiritual and mental imbalances. There are 12 major energy meridians that run from the top of the head through the fingers and down to the toes. These meridians are channels that transport throughout your body. Meridian points, on the other hand, are certain points found on the surface of the skin. These points are triggered to gain energy changes in the emotional body to heal various conditions or concerns. There are usually 17 meridian points that are used during the tapping process and these include the following:

EFT Tapping Points

  • Under eye – point is located on the gaunt orbit underneath the eye, under the pupil
  • Under arm – about 6″ below the arm pits
  • Chest – point is located between and a little down from your under collarbone points
  • Middle fingernail – point can be found on the inside tip of your middle finger where the nails meet the cuticle
  • Forehead – between and above the eyebrows
  • Under nose – point is located on the upper lip right below the nose
  • Little fingernail – point can be found on the inside tip of your little finger where the nails meet the cuticle
  • Side of eye – approximately an inch to the side of either eye
  • Under collarbone – below the knob of your collarbone that is along the depression below the Adam’s apple
  • Sore spot – point is on the left side of your chest, halfway between the collarbone and down towards the breasts
  • Under breast – under the breast about where the rib cage ends
  • Under bottom lip – in the depression between the chin and the lip
  • Thumbnail – point is on the inside tip of your thumb where the nails meet the cuticle
  • Eyebrow point – above the part of the brow that is closest to the nose
  • Index fingernail – point is on the inside tip of your index finger where the nails meet the cuticle
  • Back of hand – between knuckles of the ring and little fingers
  • Karate chop – point is found on the side where the crease crosses the edge of your hand nearest the little finger

Every spot is beneficial for pain and certain emotions such as depression, anger, cravings and anxiety. They can also be combined as it is very rare for only one emotion to exist alone. Pinpointing all the emotions associated with a certain issue or event is time consuming as well. As such, it is easier to combine most of the points into a quick and easy process to treat all associated emotions at once. What is Tapping? Tapping allows you to trigger the meridian points in the body to deal with different health concerns. EFT tapping must be strong, but not very strong as to cause bruising or pain. If you choose to tap with two hands, your hands must alternate in order for your fingers not to touch two 2 points simultaneously. Learning how to tap is easy. The meridian point must be tapped about 5 times, but there’s no definite number required to guarantee its effectiveness. Tapping should start from top to the bottom. Begin with the highest meridian point and work downwards. In Emotional Freedom Technique, affirmations and tapping are used. You have to repeat the affirmations while doing the tapping techniques. It doesn’t take a lot of time to learn where the meridians are and doing it is easy. Emotional Freedom Technique is certainly worth trying as it can help you overcome various physical and mental obstacles that might be holding you back and improve your life in general, as long as tapping is included and it’s done properly.